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A deceptively simple way to grow your business one client at a time.

We create an advanced microNet site dedicated to your "business" with all the bells and whistles need to attract potential customers; convert those leads into customers for more sales.

Best of all, it's deceptively simple. We do all the technical stuff, you do the fun stuff.

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How Simple?

A few clicks away

Let's face it you're busy everyday with customers the last thing you need to do when you get back home or to the office is to set up and program a web site. Listening and learning from all the gurus and designers about HTML5, CSS3, javaScript, DOM loading, pre-Loading, and let's not forget a muffler bearing or right handed screw drivers for good measure. The truth is it doesn't have to be that difficult, tell us a little about your business and we'll do all the work, you get the rewards.
It doesn't have to be that way, take control now, break away from the pack.

Be microNet ready!

Business ready

Our microNet sites are business ready, targeted to your potential customers and delivered fast on any device. Customers can respond and send inquires directly to you, never lose an important lead.

SEO ready

Every microNet is SEO ready and tagged for all major search engines with full header tags, microdata, and search engine friendly urls. And best of all it's all hands free, we do the technical work.

Client ready

Flexible, responsive microNet designs allow your potential customers to access your microNet from from any device; desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

24/7 support

Our technicians work around the clock to keep your microNet online and ready. Every microNet site is backed up daily and archived for 30 days.

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Your Neighborhood

You know the neighborhood like no one else, let prospective customers know who you are and increase your leads .

About You

Tell us a little bit about your business and our editors will craft a microNet site reflecting the best possible you.

We do the Coding

We all have things we're good at doing so let us do the coding and focus on your clients not the technical stuff.

Launching and Learn

With a little time and effort watch as you ascend past your competition. The secret sauce is in your microNet.



It's all about leads

Leads turn into contacts and contacts turn into clients.
Clients close deals and closed deals means profit.

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Pick one that's right for you

Landing Pages

Lawn and Landscaping

It's all about getting noticed. Put your best foot forward for your customers and the search engines, give them what they are looking for, solid consice information.

Painting Contractor

Paint the town red! or any color you wish, give your potential customers a great first impression. They'll think twice about going with the other guy.


Helping homeowners with maintenance and repairs, the handyman is the cornerstone of any homeowners wish list. Small repairs are no problem. So step up to the plate and put your best foot forward.

Top properties

Featured new listings carousel front and center, no need to search for the latest listings. If your clients are looking for the latest properties with no frills then this is the way to go. Fast loading and low data size allows mobile users to see the latest properties without going over budget on their calling plan minutes. If your analyics show heavy mobile use on the home page consider the no frills Top Ptoperties module first.

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